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moments are all we have, and yours never seem small to me, oh i know there are lots of small moments in a day, but when given the opportunity to shine love or indifference, you always seem to show the beauty and give the gift that is that touch, and its not small, never...

linda the librarian in maine

You can never tell. There was a little crying boy in the library today. I helped him find his daddy. As we were looking I explained to him that he was safe in the library, and we would always help him find his daddy. Later another patron came up and told me that I had made her cry, she loved that I had told the little boy that he was safe in the library. It's the little things that matter - and isn't that why we do what we do?

Vampire Librarian

"It’s never better not to care," -- That is so true yet so often forgotten. Thank you for reminding me.

Barbara Bell

It is so difficult when you are in the throws of heartache because of somebody elses indifference that you forget "It's never better not to care". Truth is some people don't let themselves care and for that they miss out on so much.

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