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I think it was definitely because you are so kind and sweet. Not to mention your wonderful way with people. :)


You are very kind.



This is the first time I have viewed your blog though I have heard of it before. Thanks for the wonderful stories that remind me of why I got the degree and why I chose this field.


I was just going down a list of library blogs and sampling one after the other. Some had great tech tips, some had irreverent but funny stories, some linked to library news. I visited maybe 20 before looking at Feel-good Librarian.

And here I stayed. You've got another loyal reader. I'm going to do my best to coax my colleagues to read something here daily -- for the good of my library!


I'm going to guess it was your kindness that freed this woman to share her burden with you. Sometimes, all it takes is the slightest encouragement to spark trust, especially when we are carrying such a difficult load.

BTW, Im not a librarian, or in the field at all. One of my closest friends is though, and it was her prodding that sent me here. But it's your writing, your views, you insights, your presentation that keep me coming back... thank you.


My fiancee is a librarian and I've found your blog, and I really enjoy it! I have many fond memories of spending hours each day happily ensconced among the shelves of my local library as a youth. It's great to read about what goes on in the life of the type of librarian who helped me develop my love of reading.

sarah louise

You rock!! Keep up the good work.

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