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I just discovered your blog today, thanks to Jessamyn West, and it looks absolutely wonderful. The assumptions piece is right on, very nicely done. I'm on my 11th year doing reference work now and I find that it becomes harder in a way NOT to make assumptions, because after the fifty-thousandth interaction it's sort of hard to assume you DON'T know it all, but I still get surprised ...


This evening, while I was making out a grocery list, my husband asked me "What's a blackberry?" After I gave a (far-too-detailed) explanation of the fruit...he looked at me oddly. Apparenly, I was concentrating on my task so completely, I had completely missed the Blackberry commercial on tv. The SECOND explanation he got was much closer to what he wanted to know! (duh!)


Thank you, Laura - I'm glad you like the site. I've been here seven years, and I still get tripped up - often enough to realize I am still making assumptions....And Kelli, my mistakes aren't limited to work, either! Thanks for clicking in, both of you. - FGL



I'm in my first year of library school and interning at a public library, and I'm so glad I stumbled across your site. So many "real" librarians I know are burnt out or in the process of burning out, or making dire predictions for my future in the field. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only person who loves this profession. So what if we'll never be rich in money . . . it's that feeling when you spend fifteen minutes helping a teenager look up information on making wooden flutes, or putting paper duck feet on a minor mob of four-year-olds. I just had both these irreplaceable experiences last week and they make me smile to myself. (Obviously I'm aimed squarely at youth and children's librarianship!)

Anyway, thanks again, and I've put your blog on my favorites list.


Feelgood Librarian

Thanks, Mo. You hit it right on the head. We do it because we love it, and that's where the value is. Sometimes it gets hard, when you're here for awhile, but I find if I focus on the part I love, the part I don't love doesn't weigh in as heavily. Good luck in school - your patrons will be lucky to have you.

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