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I am crying.

You handled it incredibly well, you should be so proud of yourself.


I'm delurking so I can give credit where credit is due. You folks do amazing work, and I really believe that kindnesses like this one are the best reason for libraries to exist. Books are wonderful things, but it's people that matter.



An amazing story. I hope that if I ever get a request like that that I can do half as well as you did. Dreadmouse has it right: it's the people that matter.

Linda the Maine Librarian

fgl - you did a great job.
I once had someone ask me for books to read to their sister who was dying. We worked together and finally settled on Little House in the Prairie. She later came in and told me that she and her sister got a lot of pleasure from the time they spent together reading. The reading provided a respite time for them.
Yes it's true that requests like this bring my heart into my throat with the fear I won't do it right, but what a credit to us as a profession that people trust that we will be able to help them with such important questions.
keep up the good work, I love your blog.


Very eloquent, you related that story with a lot of skill & emotion.

You and your co-workers probably helped that gentleman & his daughter more than anyone will ever know. My heart goes out to them both.


Thank you for this deeply moving story. You did remarkably well indeed, and I am typing with tears in my eyes. I am proud to be a member of your profession.

May we all do as well should the need arise.


Thank you for sharing your insights and the story about books. This was very touching and so sadly human. I work at a reference desk also. Everyday I am profoundly greatful to help people help themselves. There is a spirit of kindness and caring that must pervade our profession if we as librarians are going to remain at the top of our game. Magic, and library love (agape) the highest form...we laugh, cry and curse at our fate right along with everyone we serve. Be There, don't let life pass you by!

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