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Oops, this is heavy. Lucky that she could use your phone!!!


Wow...what a great reminder that even the little things we do can have major impact on others.


we must not be judgmental on the faces of people. they might need our help in our times of busyness. we must not neglect other peoples concern though it might be little...

Kenley Neufeld

What a moving story that it almost brought tears. Thank you for sharing the evening experience.


Well written story. Thanks for showing the human side of public service jobs.


Sounds hokey but this bought tears to my eyes - I'm still coming to terms with the news of a friend's partner who killed himself a while back...

Kenia Nazario Rivera

Que bueno que haya este tipo de espacio para compartir experiencias. Estamos llamados a ayudar a las personas y es cierto que muchas veces logramos mucho con tan poco.

Charla Stone

At my old library, patrons were not allowed to use the phone--no way in hell were they to use the "business" phone, according to the director. But we let people do it when SHE wasn't around.

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