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My ex girlfriend has epilepsy. She hates doctors, does not take seizure medication because of the side effects, and gets very annoyed when people call an ambulence when she has a seizure. Fortunately, her seizures are spaced pretty well apart, and certainly do not happen on a daily basis.

The interesting thing is that her seizures, combined with a person's decision to call an ambulance for her, saved her life.

They took her in, and while they were running diagnostic tests on her, they found a blood clot in her brain. They operated within an hour and she is doing fine now. They said if she had gone a couple more hours, she would have died. They also said it was completely unrelated to her seizures.

Vampire Librarian

Oh man, that's a heartbreaking story, FGL. I don't know what I would've done in the situation. I hope things turn out all right with the patron.


We have a regular library patron who has had two recent seizures here at the library. The first time he seized he later regretted our decision to call an ambulance because of the expense. He has asked us not to call an ambulance in the future. We have agreed. So far so good - no one else has been hurt although the last time he got a black eye in his fall. Luckily he still comes in and seems to being doing well since stopping smoking pot and drinking. Hope your "Seizure Man" resurfaces.


I hope he comes in again soon as well. I understand why he hates to have the ambulance called though -- that annoys me no end. They can't do anything for me -- all I need is a place to go to sleep afterwards. Seizures are very tiring. The only time going to the hospital was useful was when I was pregnant and had seizure after seizure. When that happens, the only way to stop it is with drugs by IV. But normally I don't want to go the hospital -- there's no point.


Ahhh. That is the kind of situation that makes you toss and turn at night, isn't it?

We have a new staffer who is very enthusiastic about calling the rescue unit. I have tried to let her know that if that the patron makes the decision (if s/he is coherent, of course). It appears to be a difficult lesson for some.

Air Ambulance Doc

I hope everything is good now. That was a hell of a situation.

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