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I love stories like this. Thanks for sharing it. :)

aleah marie

This is a great story. I also work at a service desk in a public library. Daily I'm reminded of how much we assume about a person and their intentions based on their body language. This can be a difficult reaction to keep in check.

Your story reinforces how important it is to continually remain open to a person. We never know what underlying circumstance has created their mood for that particular day.

My daily mantra: Don't take it personally!


Hurrah, the FGL is back! Thanks, as always for this post. It's so easy to forget that we only see a little bit of each person who comes to the reference desk, and yet we make assumptions about their entire lives based on that.

Clare Grant

This post from Nee Naw, the blog of a London ambulance dispatcher, is similar: http://www.neenaw.co.uk/index.php/ambulances/10/a-good-day/

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