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Princess LadyBug

Librarians as a whole never cease to amaze me. You each seem to be made of sturdier, smarter, and more patient stock than others. My best friend is a librarian and I couldn't be prouder of him if he were president. :)


Things that still amaze me after some 17 years working in libraries:
1) No one seems to grasp the concept of interlibrary loan (ILL). Yes, friends, if we don't have it, we can BORROW it from another library for you and vice-versa.
2) There continue to be library workers out there who don't grasp that Alaska is part of the USA and yes, we are able to receive and deliver ILLs just like the rest of the Lower 48.
3) Patrons will waste 55 minutes on the Internet attempting to Google their topic when they could have spent 5 minutes looking up said topic in an encyclopedia and finding out everything they need to know.
Great blog, by the way. I think you reflect very eloquently on the life of a reference librarian.

feelgood librarian

Thank you both for your comments!

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