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Stories...Tell me a Story!
This is mine for the day!

I'm going to school to be a "real" librarian and this was one assignment that I was glad was over!

Library Project Case Study: The presentation went well! Thank goodness the girls and I had it together. I'm doing the finger snap! It is so hard to do group projects while working 40 hours and traveling to School.

As usual, I was "Flying by the seat of my proverbial pants" because I did my part of the presentation with only one good eye. Of all mornings to lose a contact lense! Really is funny when you think about it, me up there squinting. It got a big laugh after the presentation was over and I knew that I and the team had logged another (A). I just told everyone, gave a big sigh and adjusted my non-existant librarian bifocals. I think I'm in the wrong business; stand up comedy would probably be more fun!

J. Dorfman

This is kind of natural storytelling I fear our county is losing. Neat that you're encouraging it.


This made me sad, because in the past few years, I had gotten both sets of grandparents a tape recorder, blank tapes, and a book called "Legacy" to try and encourage them to tell their life stories. Now three out of four of them are dead, and none of them used the tapes. Even when I showed up to the apartment to try and record something.

My mom's dad asked why anyone would want to know about his life, because he "hadn't done anything special." I tried to convince him that any story is a story, something others want to hear. Why else do we read novels or watch movies or tv shows? And to hear HIS stories, in HIS voice, would mean so much ...

"Like the time you put the cat food in the brownies to torment your sisters."
"Oh, you mean the laxative in the fudge."
"SEE?!? We need YOU to tell the story."

But now it's too late.

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