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Really good post. :) I like the idea of not being the weakest link, and striving to be the best you are at what you do. If only more people had that attitude.
I like reading your blog. :) It's very uplifting.

feelgood librarian

Thank you!

Princess LadyBug

What an inspiration you are! I've mentioned before that my best friend is a librarian in a small town in East Texas. I find myself thinking of him and even of you when I'm contemplating what I should do in different situations.

My local library branch is open on Sundays and they are always quite busy. I live in a low income area and most people work long hours and more than 5 days a week. I often see older people bring their grandchildren to the library on Sundays. I marvel at how they've learned to use the computers especially since most of them don't speak English.

I have yet to go on a Sunday that I haven't gladly stopped to help someone with a catalog search or using the automated check-out machine. Sometimes it's difficult since I don't speak Spanish, but we always manage.

Thank you for always being a role model and an inspiration.


Thank you for your kind words. I just want to share the inspiration I find in this job.


librarian pirate

thank you for this - this reminded me (when I really just didn't want to finish my homework) of why I want to be a librarian. (:


That was a terrific story and a real needed and inspiring reminder of the role we can play, if we will just took a moment. "Don't be the weakest link" may replace another motto I learned years ago "Find a way to say yes", which for us catalogers dealing with reference librarians and their incessant demands :-) for more subject headings and more notes, is really a good attitude to have.

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