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feel good piano tuner

It always amazes me how we all have the opportunity to help out, no matter where we are. I find myself doing some of the oddest things at people's houses, from diapering babies to cutting ferrets' toenails. And it always feels good to do the little extra.
Keep up the wonderful blog!


My fav is the undergrad that came into the SLIS library (which is hidden in the basement of the main library) one morning around 10:00 a.m. He needed a psych article for his class, which was in a couple of hours of course. First I told him he was in the wrong place, but then I told him which floor he needed to go to. About an hour later he came back in to SLIS and thanked me. He had his article and time to spare. It made me all warm and fuzzy and, I was amazed he found the place twice. ;)

Melissa Techman

I'm so glad Marylaine Block mentioned your blog. I think you are the "Inspirational Librarian". I became a librarian thanks to the good-hearted library director at our neighborhood library. Her name was Marilyn Yaple and I still use things she taught me every day. She was patient with the "walk in the door at 5 till 5 patron" (me) and the "I have another fine patron" (me), then she encouraged me to apply to get my MLS and gave me my first library job. She died too young from lung cancer and a lot of people miss her.
At my school, I try to be the good-hearted library teacher. Thanks for a super blog!

Cheryl Rhoads

I just wanted to say--what a wonderful blog. We all should remember that to help someone--to relieve some of their stress--lowers everyones stress level. Stress is catching but then so are smiles!!


wonderful librarian you are :)


wonderful librarian you are :)


Dear Feel Good Librarian,

Just wanted to tell you that
I very much enjoy reading your


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