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I think you mean youtube.com, not itube.com.

That's a frightening story by the way.


Yes, of course I mean youtube.com. My bad.


Mary M

Couldn't the joy be because he's "caught" in the computer, so that she can warn others with authority?


Frightening, but not unusual. I will bet my last dollar that she has one/more of the following problems:
Untreated/undiagnosed mental illness either organic or due to abuse;
Alcohol/addiction issues;
Developmental/intellectual delays.
That's very sad.
What's worrisome is that her small child is now being exposed to this "offender." And that the boyfriend is being made into a positive role model. Here's hoping that there are other relatives involved with the child.


I think the child is at risk. What are LHL's responsibility to report this. She's looking for her boyfriend in the sex offender list and she has a child?

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