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While it is always good to reflect on a mistake, don't be too hard on yourself. I pride myself on my customer service skills, but there are days when I want to tell Loves Gory Movies Guy that if he shows me one more picture of a headless corpse, I am going to cut HIS head off. Patrons - especially the "special" patrons, can drive you nuts sometimes.
Hope things get better for you at home.


Like Jessica said, don't be too hard on yourself. Yes, self-reflection is a valuable and important skill for any professional, especially in the helping professions. But don't let it become a negative.

Yes, it is our job to help our patrons, but they must also learn to help themselves. Maybe he will learn from this experience and it will be a valuable lesson.

You made my day with this post! I've missed your library musings. Keep up the great work. I enjoy it.


indeed, especially when the world is so wild around you, the details of our own lives and keeping all the bits flying is enough of a full time job that having a couple of other real fulltime jobs like working and being on call 24/7/365 for your family is more than we should have to do... more than any one should have to do or live through, only you do, and with grace far beyond what they deserve.... so there.

Daniel Cornwall

I hope your family problems get better. Even when you disappoint yourself, you give the rest of us inspiration. Take care!

feelgood librarian

Thank you, all of you. I really appreciate your support!



You sound human, and a good human at that because of your self-reflection.
Hope your family problems improve.


You've analyzed this very well. I wish everyone in public service (of all types) thought like you do.


Thanks for sharing the difficulties of the job & not just the successes. Self-awareness helps to make us better (hopefully), so the next time this guy comes in, or another job applicant, or another tough patron, you'll be different.

Hope you can keep your eyes open & see how you *do* help people like Slow Guy every day.


I read your postings all the time. They inspire me to make sure my customer service isn't lacking. So don't be too hard on yourself. I hope your family problems are better now.

Jan Bradley

Please don't be too hard on yourself. We all have days when we feel we could have done better. I work in a hospital branch of a medical library and our patrons are not just doctors and health professionals but patients and families of patients. So we deal with quite a diverse range of requests so I know what it feels like to suspect you could have done more. I hope your family problems have eased and it's good to have you back posting. I truly enjoy reading your stuff.

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