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She must have meant the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or maybe Doctor Who. No one wants Darth Vader to be God!


Are you for real? Every one of the questions posed by the patrons had a simple and straightforward answer: it's all hogwash. There is no evidence, no photos, nothing except what different people have made up. Librarians don't have to be apologists for religion, and they don't have to dissemble. If somebody asks, tell them the truth.


Is it safe to assume that if you're posting, you're home? Hope the good thoughts helped you through your surgery and chemo!

(found you via the Free-Range Librarian)


Ha! Since when has any one of us had the trademark (tm) on Truth? There are a lot of times serving a patron has to do with getting them a book with the information they want, not with serving our own need to tell Truth as we see it. And if that book doesn't exist, well, sometimes we improvise. ;)

I know we had an interesting one recently where a young boy was looking for "real" information on the Loch Ness monster. Apparently, Nessie is a hobby of his, and he had a lot of fun looking for books in the nonfiction section on that topic. Then, as I was completing his transaction, a coworker picked up a book I had by the computer and asked about it. Because this was a book about a young girl who had "escaped" fundamentalism through studying Darwin, I was pretty stumped how to describe this without bringing this kid's mom down on me (parents are wierd around here!). Finally, I said it was about a girl trying to figure out on her own if evolution was true. The young boy piped up instantly, saying he knew that evolution was false, and he wanted to know if the girl figured that out in the end. (bangs head repeatedly against desk) Sometimes, it's just better to keep your mouth shut.

That was better than the time someone asked me if watching a particular movie title was a sin, though. lol

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