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Love your audio today! And love your site. Although I don't work in one, I love libraries as well and it is so interesting to read your stories and your thoughts. Keep it up! Blogging is not lame, although I've heard a person or two say the same. We have something to say, don't we? And I think most of us say it with style and heart. Rah rah for you! Thanks for your contribution to the blogging community!


What a lovely entry. And if that is your own voice, you sound young, certainly not middle-aged.
Wishing you all the best--
from a really middle-aged librarian (51) in Maine.


That's not how you sound!

Just kidding, of course, but I definately hear a different voice in my head when I read your posts. You don't sound "middle-age" at all... even though I'm not sure what middle-age is supposed to sound like.

I also have to include the obligatory "I love your blog" and let you know, as so many others have, that your experiences and views DO have an impact on me. I may never be the "Feel Good Comic Store Owner" but when I read your posts (I've read your entire blog a couple times over) it makes want to try just a little bit harder. Thank you.

If you keep posting, I'll keep reading!


Lovely to hear your voice. You're an inspiration!


Discretion is often a choice overlooked today. Anonymous blogging is valid. Your P.O.V is important.

And keeping one's job by adhering to your library's rules and regs, no matter how outdated, is also important. I'm anonymous too.

Rock on!

Feel-good Librarian

Thank you all for the encouragement. I'm really happy to know that people outside libraries are reading, too, since, you know, I'm convinced that everyone can be the Feel-good Whatever-They-Are. Thanks for reading, listening and letting me know.




"Coming to a radio station hear you ... the dulcet tones of FGL."


"Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich."
-- "Ali Baba Bunny" <>957, Chuck Jones]


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