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Vampire Librarian

Cute story, FGL. I've had that sinking feeling after answering a question too.


Awesome story. Power to the People!! They'd love "Don't Get Taken Every Time" the car-buyer's Bible. (When I was looking at mini-pickups: "Do you want an Eddie Bauer Package on that Explorer?")

Used Vehicles

Nice stories you got there. Its really hard now a days to find a decent offer. Sometimes you just get ripped off. Ive learned my lesson, read read read...

Dennis James

I realize that this post may be a little old but I stumbled on to your blog while doing research and I have to say it's nice to read someone who's not in the "business" not bashing the "business".

Just like anything else in the world there are good and bad Car Dealers and your statement about the value of a trade in is what the market will bear is dead on.

I hope this person didn't waste his time yelling at that dealer and instead took his new found information to a different dealer and was able to negotiate effectively.



The reason cars get repo'd is people know they can't afford a car, but they want the status, and buy it anyway. Then sadly when they can't meet their payments they try to blame someone else. If you can't afford the car, save your money until you can.

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