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Mine aren't as crazy at that, but I did have someone want to make his independent film in the library. When I asked him for details, he had no idea, no script, no nothing. "But I'm pretty sure we can sound proof the part of the building where we'll be working." Hm, I'll get back to you on that one, dude.

Then Friday at 4:45 pm (we close at 5:00 pm) I got a call from someone trying to give away tickets to "tonight's game". "Which game?" I asked. "TONIGHT'S game!" was the reply. It took me almost five mintues for me to get him to tell me the tickets were for the White Sox.


Yes, the crazy train was pulled in to our library station this week as well. Everyone was nuts - and driving me nuts.


It's crazy here too. However, might it be possible that your Mr. Hyperspeed is illiterate? Amidst his flurry, it sounds like he made some of the usual excuses for not being able to read or write...

feelgood librarian

Good point - that's a strong possibility. I haven't seen him come in before, so I don't know what his usual requests are.



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