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Thanks for the great post FGL. Uplifting as always. Consider it done.


Aww...glad that people are giving you kind feedback in return for the kindness you've shown them. :D I wish I could be mentored by you, Ms. Feel Good Librarian!


Good for you, Sara! You go!

You are so sweet, Michelle! Thank you!



And this is why I enjoy reading your blog so much. I love your positive attitude and your genuine caring for even the most challenging of patrons. You have a great perspective.


Dear Feelgood,

I want to thank you for posts like this one...posts that show that librarians do make a difference in people's lives. It is so easy to become depressed because of irrational coworkers and patrons, funding issues, job prospects, and more. I am five months away from getting my library degree, and I hope I can be a librarian like you when I grow up...one who sees the bright side and who remembers why she heeded the calling in the first place.



I LOVE your blog and wonderful zen perspective. THANKS. It helps to feel good. I suggest reading your blog to all my students as we need more true happy in the workplace. shannon


Welcome back! You were missed.

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