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Hooray for magic of home interweb access! I would go crazy without home internet access. Acctually, I would probably be incredibly productive without it. But oh well.


In the same shameless vein, I blogged Three Beautiful Librarian Things over at cogscilibrarian.
Thanks for the idea, and congratulations on home Internet.


Hooray!! Finally!! Fluff up the pillows and post away!

Isaac Huffman

Congratulations on home network. Small highlights are always worth celebrating.


I would be lost without my home internet connection. I'm glad you can now share in the joy.

And thanks for always posting such uplifting stories. I'm not a librarian, but my best friend is. He's the one who recommended your blog.

sylvie szafranski

Ha, Ha,
that officially makes me the last one NOT to have it.


I am a librarian, and I enjoy your posts because they remind me on those not-so-good days why I love what I do. The users make it worthwhile. I like knowing that I've helped someone and maybe helped make their day a bit better.

And it's even better when they thank you! :)


So now you've found World of Warcraft instead of blogging? ;)


No, KC - not that! Lol. Just life. I'm getting my daughter ready to go off to college and going to family reunions, fixing up the house, etc. I'll be back soon.




I hope you are well. I keep checking out your blog.

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