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I had a similar response recently from some librarians I work with. I mentioned the idea of putting a YouTube connector link on the OPAC so that with one click customers could do the same search into YouTube.

Unexpectantly, I had two librarians (both fairly recent graduates) aghast, saying "what about the children," as if kids can't search YouTube for themselves (they're on there all the time on our public PCs) and as if YouTube is the pit of all evil on the web.

Now, here's a case for online information literacy not just for our customers, but for librarians too. We're working on that.


I think it's a good idea to restrict Internet access by children at Oklahoma libraries. As a parent, I worry about my children. I do everything to control him at home. I talk to my kids about sexual predators and potential online dangers, keep computer at a public area of our house, use internet filtering software to restrict Internet access while I’m not at home called Ez Internet Timer http://www.internettimer.net. But how I could control him at a library? My kids are clever, but so naive...

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