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Cat in Ohio

Well done. I'm still trying to explain to people in my branch that no, they won't really win an Iphone if they fill out that survey.


You are totally awesome for what you did for that man. You found a great way to start the conversation and gently tell him that it's a scam. Kudos to you and to all librarians out there who are trying to genuinely help people.


thank you for sharing this.

every once in awhile, i run into a patron who has just received this email and is interested in pursuing their long lost funds.

in the past, i have provided information from fcc and .gov websites detailing how it is a scam. this is so personal and connects with the user. i'll keep this in mind for next time.

Vampire Librarian

Brava! Excellent handling.

Daniel Cornwall

I stand amazement! Thanks for sharing this gentle and effective approach.


This is such a classy way to handle this situation. Very quick thinking.

Ed Darrell

Classy dealing, yes, I agree.

Have you considered a career in high-level diplomacy?

I still get these things -- someone is falling for them. Otherwise, why would the evil-doers send them out?

I wonder if these scams are organized at a higher level -- how is the Bush administration paying for Iraq, again?

Inteligent Librarian

Everyone who said that this is "classy" got it exactly right; you are definitely that! Just another reason why I want to grow up to be just like you! Love ya'!


Glad to see you back online. I've missed your fun and gentle approach to reference services-- especially now that I finally have my MLS and can hope to do the same soon. Your "small contribution" does make a difference for me.


Thank you for this elegant and eloquent response to a common problem. FYI, I've linked to your entry about long lost cousins and the email scam in my latest entry at LibraryJournal.com. I'm a blogger for "StudentAffairs." Thank you again.

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