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It's nice to see a post from you again, even though times are tough. Thanks for remembering your readership!


So wonderful to see you post again! I was beginning to think you might not be "among the living" as per the title of your previous post. Sending good thoughts your way for no recurrence of thyroid cancer.

I feel for those technologically deficient and/or ESL customers who are having such a hard time applying for and finding jobs online. It is certainly a new world we are living in. You are providing a much needed service.

For more feel good librarian type stuff, read the Miss Zukas mystery series by Jo Dereske and watch the new movies, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear and The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines. Librarians rock, and I'm proud to be one! :)


Me, too, Susan! Rock on!!



I feel for you - I've had three rounds of the radioactive iodine, and have been clear now for about 18 months. My library peeps made some great recommendations of funny movies to keep my spirits up.

Hang in there!


I feel for you! Stay brave--we are cheering for you!

I had imagined this was what it was like, everyone waiting for a computer. I work in a community college library and we encourage students and the public to use our 100+ computers for personal use. Sometimes just the smallest bit of resume proofreading can help someone get that much needed job. I do it all the time too.

Keep the service flag flying!


You and your co-workers are heroes. May you get the resources you need to manage until times get better. Wishing you naps and chocolate; and some peace of mind also.
Your patrons are in the same situation as ours here in the east. We deal with most of the major urban problems, but nothing bothers me so much as seeing someone's internet time elapse when they are most of the way through an application.
These times help me realize how much we need all the positive people.


Good to hear your voice again! My thoughts are with you daily - I check your blog every day first thing and I was getting worried. Hope all stays well. And you're absolutely right - we always need positive people. You're one of those.


Thanks so much, everyone! Keep up the good work!



Your scenario mirrors ours in Wiltshire in the UK. We are now developing a structured partnership with our local Job Centre to deliver basic instructions in online job applications to the unemployed, many of whom as you describe have limited English and zero I.T. skills.
Our standard introductory I.T. courses, which begin a new season this week, are fully booked and have a waiting list of around 200 (and we're one of the smaller library authorities in England). We're still turning people away daily who enquire about computer training, and don't even bother adding them to the waiting list any more. There is a colossal gap in the market for basic, user friendly computer instruction here.


Wow, Paul, good for you! That is a GREAT service, and so needed. We also have many calls just asking for free computer access. Libraries seem to be the only place for it, and not enough machines or money to buy more.

But we do what we can, as you do, and do our best to stay user-friendly ourselves! Keep up the good work!


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