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Lee Shapiro

Nice to have you back! love your site! Don’t know if you know of this, but the granddaddy of all librarian gift sources (for women) is welldressedreader.com. (I thought you might like a source for personal gifts.) If you want something that is truly custom, that’s the place. I’m a librarian in New York, and that’s where I go to get my book-loving friends gifts. I wanted to tell you about this site because they're nice people and they support CF research with sales proceeds. Can you help?


I really did miss you, but it sounds like all along you have been working here, with me in our library system hey?


So good to hear from you! You bear the traits of a true librarian! Strength in times of hardship and happiness in times of touble. You are in my prayers. Best of everything!


I'm so glad to see this post, as your blog is one I turn to in my tough times as a librarian. I was afraid you'd maybe stopped blogging. (Hiatus for Life Reasons is perfectly understandable! Bless you.)

I must say that your situation is only slightly more drastic than ours, and I expect ours to become worse as more layoffs hit the local area. However, knowing that I am not the only one out there helping the unemployed tide that flows through my doors is sometimes all I need to keep going.

So thank you, FGL, for sharing the little bits of your life, even if they aren't as feel-good as they used to be. They still help.

And I will keep you, your family, and your coworkers in my thoughts.


Your post is so spot-on, would you mind if I share your post with my director to share with county administrators???


Some blog recently discussed, "Why do we need libraries any more" and it is great to hear from you folks who are in the trenches, providing not only valuable, and I'm sure, valued, services, but are also giving answerss to the above question.
Many thanks. eek


Thanks so much for all the good wishes. I do appreciate them. Sylvie, I don't think I work in your system, but we all seem to have a lot in common these days. LynnE, feel free to share!

Best everyone,



Glad you're back...

and, well said!!!


Missed you, FGL! Glad to hear that you're feeling better. You and your colleagues are in my thoughts regularly!


Thank you for posting and as a teen librarian thank you for maintaining your "user is a user" policy. Access at libraries for teens now will help ensure that the next generation of adults will have the skills to fill out those forms by themselves. Many of our young people would not have access to computers otherwise.

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