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T Scott

I've been reading "The Gift" by Lewis Hyde. If you haven't read it, you should. You'd recognize yourself in it.


I'll check it out, T.!


Susan B

Thank you for the reminder.


wow how sad for that woman. When did this happen?


I spoke with her in October, I believe. I don't know exactly when her daughter died - earlier in the year.

Elena Filios

Grace touches you and the patron, sometimes. Welcome back to blogging! We all need your reminders how important it is to treat people like human beings, and to be present with them.

Linda Nelson

I was so pleased to discover you are back! Your posts inspire, teach, and are a joy to read. Merry Christmas and welcome back!


Thank you, Elena and Linda!


I'm so glad to see you back! Your posts always inspire me to be a better librarian (and a better person). Why we do this, indeed. Thank you.


Thank you, Susan!

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