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*love* the reference interview! thanks for sharing this one. :-)


Excellent story. I have had customer transactions like this, and you just walk away thinking "what just happened?"

Ann Perrigo

So glad you're back! I never check Bloglines, but for some reason I did today--and there you were! Thanks for brightening our days, and reminding us why we do what we do!


aw. Thanks, people!


Danika the Lesbrarian

Oh wow, what a roundabout conversation. At least she was cheery! I hope to see more posts from you soon. :)

sarah louise

love it! And so glad I dared to see if you were still here. and that you were. :)


Hope things are ok with you - I miss you!

Library Student (Joseph)

I can see this post is a bit dated, but I've just stumbled upon your blog now. Really humorous stuff! I know that the initial question from the patron is often not the "real" question, but I've never seen an example so extreme as this. Thanks for sharing.

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